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Thread: Opinions on B5

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    Opinions on B5

    Hey Bro's

    What are the opinions of you all of B5??? Is it as affective as many people say ?

    What are its main purposes? just for relieiving acne when on cycle?? or can someone that isn't current cycling but just occationally gets a few spots on the face/back also make good use of B5 to rectify the problem? (or is it more for just bring people with excessive acne down to managable levels?)

    Is it best to split the dosages throughout the day also??

    And last but not least, most people say to have a high dosage first and then drop it down to a maintanance dosage... So would somthing like 5,000mg for a few weeks (or till acne totally supsides) then somthing like 1,000 - 2,000 maintance level or somthing be good??

    Thanks for any help guys appreciate it...


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    Don't know how effective it is personally but, my buddy uses it every cycle and his acne is pretty well maintained. The doses I know are high and are out there on threads. I'm not quite sure on them but just got b5 myself so I will be doing the same thing (searching)keep your fingers crossed.

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