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Thread: My First Cycle - Questions

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    My First Cycle - Questions

    Hello All,
    I have been reading on this site for a little while and I am just looking for confirmation I am on the right track. I am about to begin my first cycle. and I want to make sure i haven't misunderstood anything.
    First my stats; 44 years old been lifting for 20 years mostly as a power lifter a few years ago I crushed my hip in an auto wreck and have been training more like a body builder ever since
    221 lbs 22% body-fat (a little worried about this)
    My objectives are really just to build some lean muscle and increase my athleticism also to satisfy a little curiosity.

    I am confident I have received good product and my cycle will look like the following
    Weeks 1-12 250mg of Test E twice weekly (Injecting in alternating glutes with a 22ga pin)
    Weeks 1-6 20 mg daily of Dianabol (Orally)
    Weeks 13-14 40mg daily of Nolvadex (Orally)
    Week 15 20mg daily (Orally)

    My questions are as follows
    Is the protocol sound?
    Could I add some Chlen to this? If so where should I insert it into the protocol.
    Should I be taking any additional inhibitors? I am a little worried about Estrogen because of my size and BF level?
    Is there something else I am missing?
    Thanks in advance for keeping us newbies safe.

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    save the Dbol for another cycle. You want to see how you respond to just test and get your Test to Estrogen dialed in before you go throwing something like Dbol to skew things being it converts to a far more potent and biologically available form of estrogen then Test does.

    Run Test at 400mg IMO. then week 5 or 6 get blood work. go by how you feel and the blood work to see if you need to start running an AI.

    IF you were to run Dbol from day one then you'd more then likely need an AI. which again, its best to get your Test levels and dosages dialed in on your first cycle, that way you'll know for all future cycles. throwing things like AIs from day one or Dbol in there is just going to skew things

    edit- also if your going to do a PCT then you need to do some research on properly setting that up. simply throwing in some Nolva at the end is not a proper PCT
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    Read this OP it will serve you well

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    Okay Thanks I will heed the advice and slow a little.
    I do have baseline blood-work complete and will check again at week 6 of just Test.

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    Okay one other thing has come up. I have never been much of a drinker but i occasionally use Marijuana. I am staying away from the Booze but does Marijuana pose a big risk does it matter if it is inhaled or ingested?

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