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    F*cking painful pump...

    What's up guys so I'm a couple months into a blast phase after starting TRT a while back... I added Mast into the mix at 80mg/day about 1 1/2 weeks ago and I was going hard in gym 2 days ago and got such an insane pump that it actually started lockin up my grip and became painful to keep going. Once the pump faded it was fine again. So being that adding the Mast was the only change I've made I assumed it must be from that and dropped my dose down to 50mg yesterday and haven;t done it today yet...I'm wondering if anyone else has experience something like this on Mast? Do you think my dose is too high? I'm dropping down to 50mg/day and may even drop it down more to eod...What do you guys think..?

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    Everyone is dif

    I get weird random pumps while on my summer cycle of mast/tren /test - but, I got em even worse from high doses of Winni & Var

    I ran mast @ 100mg a day for a few months - it's def doable

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