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    Looking for advice from a seasoned vet

    Ok guys, first off I apologize if I could've found alot of this info elsewhere but if like to hear it straight from an expert. I'm looking for some answers on a test cyp 10 week cycle. I have 2 vials of cyp and I'm wanting to administer 2 doses a week for 10 weeks. I have arimidex to take while on cycle and 2 vials of hcg for pct. Can someone lay out for me at what point and how much of the hcg to use. I'm wanting to follow up with a winstrol alone cycle afterwards. How much time off after the cyp before starting winstrol. Also, what kinda pct to use after the winstrol cycle. Again, sorry if I coulda found this info elsewhere. I'm not new to using steroids but would really appreciate some input from someone more knowledgeable. Thanks guys.

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    Welcome the forum. This post will give you all the information you need to formulate a successful 1st cycle.

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