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    1st cycle question(s)

    Austinite's first cycle sticky recommends 500mg p/week of Test E with an ideal bodyfat under 16%.

    When I get bloodwork done at a healthy bodyfat (say 13% 14% or possibly lower), if my test levels come out higher/lower than 'normal', would the recommended 500mg p/week cycle dosage change based on my test levels? I'm just thinking out-loud here, if my natty test levels are higher than 'normal', then 500mg p/week would need to be adjusted upward or not necessarily? And vice versa, low test levels not needing the full 500mg.

    Basically, is tailoring the recomended 1st cycle dosage necessary or a good idea? Or am I just splitting hairs and over thinking things?

    And then one other question, is it acceptable for a 1st cycle user to use a shorter ester if I'm willing to pin more often? PIP will be even greater with a shorter ester or not necessarily?

    Thanks guys

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    Nope the dose stays the same. When you inject testosterone your natural production stops. That's why you need a PCT once you come off, and that's why it's a good idea to use HCG during your cycle, so that your testicles won't shrink due to being shut down and more time to restart themselves.

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    500mg of test is going to put you into supra physiological ranges of total test (4000+ ng/dl). so its irrelevant wither your natty test started at 300 ng/dl or 700 ng/dl.

    but having said that IF your first cycle was going to be a very low dose, say 200mg, and your natty test was 900 ng/dl, then that 200mg is really only going to be a replacement dose and not going to do a whole lot for you.

    running test prop for a first cycle is fine, but you'll need to have multiple injection sites (glute, quad, delts, lats, etc.) because of the frequency of injections. and you'll need to be able to handle more PIP

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    Beautiful. Thank you Gentlemen.

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