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    First Cycle for 36 year old

    I'm about to take my first cycle in a very long time. when I cycled in the past, it was only to bulk up, so I'm new to cutting. I wanted to get confirmation for my dosing schedule/amounts.

    My stats-
    36 year old
    5' 10"
    13-15% body fat

    Been working out for a solid year all natural and want to cut up.
    I'm gonna run Test Cypionate & Tren E
    Also got Aromasin

    From what i read, 250mg Test a week & 150mg Tren twice a week would work but, I wanted to double check. Thank you for any advice you have.

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    drop the Tren E. you don't need it at this point and may just cause you more sides then its worth being you have not been on gear in a long time (and probably never did take tren or other 19 nors)

    400mg test
    50mg a day VAR
    50mcg T3
    40mcg clen ramping dose up over time
    fasted cardio with yohimbe and caffeine (high-frag is a +)

    that will cut you up plenty and give you less sides and toxicity then running Tren

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