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Thread: Cycle help

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    Cycle help

    Hello this is my first post and don't know reallt how to start but
    Height 5'8"
    Weight 171
    Age 23

    Week 1-12 test cyp 400mg a week
    Week 1-12 tren ace 100mg eod
    Week 1-6 anadrol 25mg everyday

    I am going to start this cycle soon but before i do is there any changes anyone would make? Also this is my first time takeing anadrol so thats why i went with 25mg. Also pct advice would be great since I never took this stack before previously I have been on test and tren at the same dose

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    What pct did you run last time around?

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    I'll be really frank. Like kind of insulting. Don't take t personally. I'm a terrible human being.

    Too light (especially having cycled that previously). How long ago was your last cycle? How many cycles have you done? How's that diet?

    No BF% estimate? :/

    What redz is probably very kindly trying to ascertain is whether you even did a pct last time. You need a real pct. You may need some ancillaries on hand for sides...

    25mg drol is a pass. 50 or 100 or go home. Mg for mg it's weaker than dbol IMO. Still beats the snot out of dbol IMO. 12 weeks of tren ... is a lot. Woof.
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    Hey so my pct was
    Clomid 50/50/25/25
    Novaldex 40/20/20/20

    Also my body fat is between 11-14
    And this would be my 6th cycle my last cycle was 3 months ago I go time on time off always

    Also i have azol and letro on hand always

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