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Thread: food on cycle

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    food on cycle

    Hi bros.:
    I posted today about a cycle with dbol , sust and eq.... with very importan replies, thanx a lot.

    I have a question also:
    -Iīve trying to low my b/f in the last 6 month, from 14% to a 10% today, looking to get to 10% and get better results from the cycle I just told you. I am confused about the diet that I have to follow in this cycle, to get some mass but low fat........ please give me some advices........
    -I know I have to focus on my protein intake.. but what about carbos and fats...........
    -Do I have to do Cardio in this cycle??

    Thanx again, and any helpīll be ok

    David Romero

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    How old are you, what you cycle history and stats?


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