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Thread: Where to fill script for Cypionate With Grapeseed!?

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    Where to fill script for Cypionate With Grapeseed!?

    Hey All,
    I'm on TRT and my blood pressure went through the roof as soon as I started. (I'm on the typical 200mg one ML per 5 day dose). I've read many threads saying grapeseed extract helped a lot. Unfortunately, I live in a small town and it seems every single chain pharmacy only uses cottonseed oil and no compound pharmacies here will do it.

    Does anyone know of a national pharmacy that will ship to your door when you have a legit script? I'd rather not get it by other means.

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    I don't see the carrier oil (grapeseed, cottonseed, etc.) making a difference in your BP.

    However, there is a herbal supplement called grapeseed extract that some people claim lowers their BP.

    I have had decent luck with citrulline and L-arginine.

    Your BP may be related to your dosage, your E2 levels, or your hematocrit may be elevated at that dosage. 200mg every 5 days is a whopper of a TRT dosage.

    Edit: Here's a a Mayo study that leans towards L-arginine helping with lowering blood pressure.
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    Whoops yah no I'm not taking that much im taking a 1ml dose every 5 days from the 200mg vials. Had my blood checked recently and E2 and hematocrit are all normal. Thanks for the info on the L-arginine. I've been drinking beet juice and some other supplements that are supposed to help to no avail. I do lots of cardio too, eat clean. Quite frustrating.

    I went 3 weeks without a shot and my BP went back down to near perfect levels. One week post starting again and I'm hitting 140/95 BP.

    Well I found a compound pharmacy that will mail it to me so I guess we shall see. I'll post here after a few weeks on that to share if I see any changes.

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    1 ml every 5 days of 200mg/ml equals a weekly dose of 280mg of test per week.
    The average starting dose from a real doctor is 80-100mg per week.
    My guess is that you are going to a "health" clinic.
    Your blood pressure is going up because you are taking about 3x the amount of test you need to be in normal human range.
    Using grape seed oil as your carrier oil will not lower your blood pressure.
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