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Thread: Second Cycle

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    Second Cycle


    Finished my first cycle a while ago made some good progress, I have dieted since and am down in the teens for BF% looking to push for a while to get really lean before starting my next cycle, probably will start around mid 190s @ 6ft.

    Here is my plans for my next cycle.

    Week 1 to 4: Test Prop @ 210 mg (.7cc MWF)
    Week 1 to 4: Test Enth @ 250 mg (.5cc MF)
    Week 1 to 4: ˝ dbol tab pre-workout and pre-bed (25mg/ED)

    Week 5 to 12: Test Enth @ 500 mg (1cc MF)
    Week 5 to 12: Tren Ace @ 300 mg (1.3cc MWF)

    Week 1 to 15: HCG @ 500 iu every 3.5 days (1000 iu/week total)
    Week 1 to 15: Arimidex @ 0.5 mg every other day (From day 2 up until PCT starts)

    PCT: Starts at week 15
    Clomid @ 100(2.5ml)/50(1.25ml)/50(1.25ml)/50(1.25ml) (4 weeks)
    Nolvadex @ 40(2ml)/20(1ml)/20(1ml)/20(1ml)/ 20(1ml)/ 20(1ml) (6 weeks)

    My thoughts are that I might need to slightly up AI for this cycle.
    I bumped my HCG here too from my last cycle significantly as I did have some atrophy @ 500 IU/week (2pins) on just test alone.

    Please critique away all constructive inputs are appreciated.

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    I would run 0.25mg Arimidex EOD once you are off the dbol .

    I don't recommend tren on a second cycle.

    I don't see the need to frontload with prop if you are using dbol.
    If anything use the prop weeks 13-14.

    Seems a bit too much/too complicated for a 2nd cycle.

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    Not a fan of this cycle layout. Definitely no need for the Tren .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ready2Rumble View Post
    Week 1 to 4: ˝ dbol tab pre-workout and pre-bed (25mg/ED)
    25mg of Dbol for only 4 weeks is a waste. you'll get a little water retention then piss it all a way in week 5. Dbol "pre-bed" is not a good idea, imo. you won't get the positive mental benefits it provides, the nutrient partitioning benefits (take it in the day with a majority of your meals), and the positive stimulas of the CNS.

    I suggest at least 40mg spread over 5 weeks, then a tapping down of the dosage from 5-8 weeks minimum. you give your body a chance to acclimate to the gains this way and not just piss them away (as Dbol is a very wet compound, but thats how it helps you grow).
    I suggest taken with meals in the day and preworkout . not before bed

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    Pick one front load either the Test P or Dbol . My voice along with others, drop the Tren ,

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