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    Thoughts on Test cyp, Anavar, and Tren ace cycle

    I've been on TRT for a few years and now am wanting more. I've been taking 400mg test cyp e4d and 60mg of dbol for 3 weeks now. Wasted money on Mix 5 as a pre-workout inj.
    My initial plan from the beginning has been var and test only cycle. However, supplier threw in 100 tabs on dbol (10mg) since var was out of stock for free. So far I'm not a fan of dbol and do not plan on buying more. I have a compete 8 week cycle of var on hand now and intend on starting that and dropping the dbol. Also considering a low dose of tren ace on top of it. Low meaning around 50mg-100mg eod. Nutrition is on point as is training. Yea, I'm impatient and looking for results yesterday. However, i am aware of risk and think safety is paramount when playing with fire. Just looking for guidance and thoughts on stacking these 2 compounds.

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    pretty much poles apart in terms of safety first from anavar to tren ace

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