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    Question can't lose weight! - Test E, T3

    Hey guys,

    My data:
    • body fat at approximately 18 - 20%: I still see veins on my arms
    • 87kg
    • 181cm
    • 30 years
    • Training for 12 years
    • no prior steroid experience
    • done blood work 3 weeks ago - all good
    • did lactose, fructose, galactose H2 test - all negative
    • did a gastroscopy, all good according to the doctor

    currently ~2700kcal/day
    Protein: 30%
    Carbs: 60%
    Fats: 20%
    (approximated values for percentages)

    Training: 3 times weekly full body, according to Dr. Brad Schoenfelds plan in his book "Science and development of muscle hypertrophy": 8 exercises for 3 sets per workout

    400mgs of testosterone E Dragon Pharma weekly, split in two shots - Monday & Thursday
    T3 Tiromel 25mcg for 14 days (started before test); 50mcg for 7 days; we'll see where it'll go from here

    Started testosterone on Feb. 26th - should end on May 14th which makes it ~12weeks
    T3 currently at 50mcg / day split in two

    1) lose a good amount of fat and if possible
    2) gain some lean muscle afterwards

    Unfortunately I still can't lose weight 10days in. Scale still shows 87 kg. Am I too impatient? Still too many calories to lose fat?

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    Drop to 2500 for next 7 days, then if it's not enough go to 2300 and so on.
    Include 3 x 30 mins cardio sessions per week

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    For your height/weight, I'd run 2300 cal total every day. I'm about the same dimensions and try to hit 2300 daily. I'd also change your macro intake. 40% protein, 40% fat, 20% carbs.

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    Hey man, a little info about t3, and hopefully scotchguard will chime in, he has even more experience with it than i. Its estimated that the body produces 25mcg t3 daily provided you dont have w thyroid isdue. So taking 25mcg per day stops your body from producing its own and does nothing more than the 25mcg you were already producing. I just came off a 4 wk run of [email protected]/day with 2wks of clen . When my clen off time is complete im gonna run another. But dont get qhead of yourself if you arebt comfortable or experience sides.

    Now it may be different for you- but for me, i didnt drop hardly anything on the scale, maybe a lb or two. But that didnt matter because it slimmed me out, where it was definitely noticeable to the eye. So i didnt care about the scale number because i think it did its job and knocked off some of my mid section fat, and i was very happy with that result. It may be different for you.

    And these guys may have a point-im not a nutrition guru, but when i was running the t3, i ran my protein slightly higher than my carbs and dropped my fat just a slight bit, nothing crazy, and it made a huge difference. Give it some time, maybe 3 or 4 wks of an increased dose- i would say 50mcg minimum, maybe 75 if you dont have a prob with it, but definitely more than 25mcg, and it will work, it doesnt happen super quick, its gradual but effective

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    if your trying to loose weight, well before I get into it
    30 60 20 = 110%

    any way

    you should not have carbs making up,the lions share of your diet.

    protein in and of its self uses a good portion of energy just to digest.

    you should aim for
    60% p
    20% c
    20% f

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    Are you doing any cardio? Add in an hour a day if you are serious about your goals. That workout plan is also not ideal. I’m not a fan of full body workouts and it would seem your body isn’t reacting well to that regiment.

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    my guess is you are not loosing weight because the testosterone is making you hold water.
    are you taking an AI?

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