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Thread: Blood work

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    Blood work

    So I know this a super "best guess" question but...I had to stop a test E 600mg cycle after only 3 weeks. It's been 23 days since my last shot. I got some bloods don't today...I won't know all of them until next week but i got my testosterone test back and it was "normal". I was told over the phone so I didn't see the number it is. My question it safe to assume my other levels should he back the normal too (estrogen, LH/FSH, etc.). For the short time I was on it I was taking an AI and HCG . I'll get all the results next week. I'm just curious. Thanks gents.

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    Without numbers itís hard to say. You could be a 280 ng/dL. They would say your in normal cause thatís in their reference range as ďnormalĒ But my guess is your still have exogenous test in your blood. 600mg test e half life is 7-10 days. So at 23 days itís possible you have 75mg-150mg left in your system.

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