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    Question Losing weight coming of Dbol

    Is it normal to lose weight after stopping taking dbol but still taking test?
    The thing is that around week 5 (1 week after stopping dbol) I went down by just 1kg (2.2 pounds), I though water weight came off after finishing the whole cycle? Or is it normal to go down or plateau while test brings the scale back up? cause 1 week after I regained that mass and even put on another pound

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    Do you really care about the weight difference of the way you look? Dbol holds tons of water. When you get off, you'll lose a lot of that water. You're hoping that the muscular gains from the Test will compensate for the water loss. I don't really care about weight as much as I care about how I look.

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    Some people see much larger changes when getting off dbol . It’s notorious for water retention.

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