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    Clen while not on cycle

    Hey guys,

    Stats 30 yrs old
    About 210 at 17%bf

    Iíve been lifting for a while and have about 4 cycles under my belt. Have been off for over a year and let my diet go slightly.

    I donít plan on going back on for the next year and want to see if I can get down to about 10-12% bf.

    Iíve tightened up my diet and am eating in a caloric deficit but was wondering if anyone has any experience with clen while not on cycle, and if this would be a good route to take to help with this goal.


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    It is possible and also done a lot, however you need to pay good attention on your sleep and eating pattern to preserve muscle mass while not on cycle.
    Clen is a very forgiving drug when it comes to muscle mass but that depends largely on how you eat, workout and sleep. I donít recommend staying in calorie deficit for a long time.

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