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    Is a test only cycle still recomended for me?

    I was around 23/24 when I first stepped my toe I the water so to speak. I did oral anavar lol. I can't even remember how, just 1 little tub.

    A few years later at 26 I did oral dbol to bulk 8 week, took a month off then oral turanabol to cut. Had bad advice and was stupid at the time with regard to no researching. I had great results I thought but I didn't take test as a base, I didn't know what an ai was and was told I wouldn't need pct. I know I know I've already had it in the neck at the time.

    Now I want to do this properly, I've found this site and another which is fantastic. I've read through the stickies and am much more knowledgeable than I was a few weeks ago. Still a mounting to clime I know. I want to do this asap but reading though austinite's stickies especially "my forst cycle planning" has slowed me down a little.

    But yeah the question is, is a test only cycle still the recommended way to go?Does it count as my first cycle still as I've only done orals before?
    Will it affect me the same, as in when I read the first cycle will be your best with the most gains? Or have I missed this window by taking orals already?

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    Welcome, yes it will affect you the same. Oral only cycles are counterproductive since while they have some anabolic effects they lower your testosterone which is catabolic... all the way until you recover. You haven't spoiled any opportunity at all.

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