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    26 and low T. should I cruise?

    Cross posted-

    Im 26 and i have ran two test e only cycles.
    1st cycle test e 250 a week for 10 weeks following proper PCT
    2nd cycle test e 500 a week for 12 weeks following proper PCT

    running nothing for a couple months now my test free is 6.8 and my test is 309. I do FEEL like I am low. low libido, strength is low, and abdominal fat. ( Fairly lean anywhere else)

    I have a hard time in my area finding a doc that will actually help.

    Would you run a cruise in my shoes?

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    Was in your shoes but tried harder and found a doc willing to help... Why rely on UGL stuff for the rest of your life? How about controlling RBC/hematocrit etc? How many times are you going to pull bloods if you do it on your own?

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    You are right on the edge of whats considered low test on paper. Which is really low, something like 290.
    Are docs telling you that you just dont have low enough levels for trt? Or are they just clueless to hormone therapy?

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    Go see an endocrinologist and get tested. Don't self medicate at your age. Get a professional opinion before you start TRT.

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