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    Law enforcement officers (LEO)?

    Was just kinda curious if anyone on this forum is or was an LEO... Was curious if gear use is big in that particular field . Letís face it we have all seen some big ass cops in our day. Just curious.

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    While I am not one, I do work rather closely with many in a relatively small city on the east coast. Iíd say that as a number, itís pretty large, but as a percentage, itís nothing all that ďout thereĒ.

    This of course doesnít really reflect the world as a whole, or anything larger than the group I know well. Iíd suspect that there are probably plenty of places that have precincts with a bigger culture of use. Frankly? I canít blame them in the slightest. Many of the guys here use purely for vanityís sake; Iíd put police use right up there with paid athletes who use.

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    Enough said

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    Yea I know lots of cops that use gear

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    I was a leo for 13yrs and did not use gear while i was but did know of a few that did. Back then, you could still get good pro hormones and that's what most of us used then.
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