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    Extreme Fatigue/Tired/Weak in PCT..

    Cycle was 12 weeks of 500-750test , 300 deca , 30mg dbol (nothing heavy) and runnning hcg last 4 weeks of the cycle, 500u per week.. my pct protocol is :
    Clomid 50mg nolva 30mg.
    Rn im on my 3rd week of pct.

    loose a little strenght and water gain but keep the 95% of gains i think , but now i feel like i can t do nothing with me life serious this is horrible feel.. im doing all my workouts in less of 60min and training 4 days with less volume.I feel fatigue on cycle because i was pushing myself to much (6 days and heavy volume) but when i start the postcycle all go worse..

    How much time for feel good and have motivation? i have zero interest in working out , and only want stay in bed allday and my sleep gone worse.
    Its like i burn my cns on cycle and now ill have all the sides

    Feel bad struggling with 35kg db on incline when some weeks ago was doing 40kg x 12 lol.:

    Im taking :
    1,5 daa
    test booster
    vit d3

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    your test booster is snake oil and making things worse

    just run your nolva and Clomid.

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    Patience. Your hormones are in flux and this is normal. Stay on top of your nutrition and training and be disciplined or you're going to waste all you gained. Nobody said this was easy, right?

    Agree with M.H., drop the test booster. Many can be suppressive to endogenous test production.
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