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Thread: Dr scallys power pct results!

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    Dr scallys power pct results!

    Hey guys,

    I just finished my dr scally power pct and im really surprised and so happy!

    My s-testosteron levels was 8nmol before, and now it is 34!!!!! I feel great.

    Holy shit, thanks to the people who supported me, thank you @Eman and dr scally!

    Kind regards,


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    ‘Just’ finished? Wait 8 weeks after the end of PCT to get bloodwork and a more realistic reading.

    Best of luck.

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    Agree with BIB. If this blood work was pulled immediately following serm treatment then your levels are hyperstimulated and not realistic.
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    Well at least you know your brain and testicles are functional that's positive. If it was really bad the SERMs would not have been able to work as well and/or your testicles would need much longer to recover. But as back in black said, the SERMs will be in your system for a while and it will take time until they clear then you can see if you'll be above 8nmol.
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