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Thread: Anavar Side Effects

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    Anavar Side Effects

    Iíve been working out hard for a couple years and reached my goal in mass. I want to be so cut that I donít even have to flex to show off my muscles. So I ordered anavar injection and I want to know will anavar make me develop a receding hairline. I plan on only one cycle. My brother, grandfather, and dad have a receding hairline but itís not bad. No male pattern baldness in the family. Will I develop a receding hairline and if I do what can prevent it?

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    Hairloss will be the least of your problems if you run an anavar only cycle. I dont know why guys think anavar will make you ripped over night. Its a pretty mild compound. If you are willing to inject why wouldnt you use test also? Anyway, Ive heard anavar is easy on the hairline.
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    Anavar is a very weak steroid but it will still shut you down. It's mostly taken as an oral. I don't think it's going to give you the results you're looking for. You'll get a little leaner an tighter but you won't be bulging with muscles.

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    Do some reading
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