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    Exclamation 2nd cycle sus 250 and deca

    hi guys first time poster just wanting some advice

    im looking at running a 12 wk cycle of sus 250 and deca was thinking of running 500mg sustanon a week and 450 deca and im wondering is this a high enough dose that i should keep an ai on hand if i start bloating and getting early gyno signs or should i just run it the whole cycle and pct advice i didnt run pct as such with my first cycle of 500mg test e a week just pyramided off four 4 weeks after blast

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    Not so sure you really need deca on a second cycle. If you made solid gains off the first solo test run do it again, or maybe bump up the test a little if you feel the need and add a couple more weeks to the cycle. I'll throw out a caveat. If you did not make decent gains off your first test run then you only have one person to blame and you have to work on nutrition and training. If that's the case then adding more drugs is not the answer.

    Imho, newer guys should always run at least a small amount of an AI. Once you determine whether you're gyno sensitive or not then you can decide how much or how little AI is needed. Mid-cycle BW is key here. Some guys will also run a low dose of Nolva during cycle as well if in fact they are gyno sensitive.

    It was a mistake not running a pct after your first cycle. Pyramiding down is a waste of time as well. Test will do that by itself simply by stopping injections. Make sure you have all ancillaries and pct meds in hand before you initiate your cycle.

    I also strongly suggest that you get some blood work done ahead of this so you can establish baselines to gauge your post pct recovery by. Vitally important. There are sites on line such as that offer packages just for this. A script is not needed and they are quite inexpensive.
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