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Thread: Test E / Anavar Cycle - Dropping Anavar?

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    Test E / Anavar Cycle - Dropping Anavar?

    Hi All,

    BF: 15%
    Age: 26
    Cycle: First
    Pre Cycle:
    183lbs / 13.2 stone
    On Cycle (week 8 this week)
    203lbs / 14.5 Stone

    I'm currently running 500mg p/w on Test E with 50mg of anavar a day

    First question
    I'm looking to do 16 weeks on this, my question is - is this right/doable and sensible? Or should I stick with 12 weeks?

    Second question
    Is it possible to stop taking the anavar now and pick it up again after the cycle? I dont know why i started taking the anavar with the first pin - i'm looking to bulk up and i plan to cut down after my PCT is done. So my question is.:
    - Can I stop anavar now or should I just keep running it through the 16 week cycle?
    - Is it possible to take Var again after the 4 week PCT period to help with my cutting?
    - Should I just keep taking Var when my Test cycle stops and I start my PCT, or will that screw with test levels and be completely backwards?
    - If i take Var once my PCT finishes after 4 weeks, is that too soon?


    This is my first cycle so still learning how/what effects are on the hormones in my body and the timings etc, hence why i'm asking for help! Brutally Honest answers are welcomed.

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    I don't think there's any question a first cycle should be anything but test only. Drop the var and finish the test cycle. 12 or 16 weeks is fine. Save the var for cycle 3+.

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    Agree with RR above. It would also be a great time to pull mid cycle blood work. It's a great learning tool for the future.
    Var is one of the safest orals but 8 weeks is still long enough. No, you don't use var in pct or by itself in any scenario.
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    If you're still making gains after 12 weeks you can run a couple of more weeks.
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