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    Love input on first stack been on TRT a while

    First time posting, long time creeping, researching and reading forums.
    35 year old Male
    Body fat: 19 to 20 ( being honest, its hard)
    Diet: going Keto
    Thinking 5 week cycle ( been on TRT for years and did androstein in high school when it was legal, bad idea for a kid)
    This is my first cycle stacked.
    400mg Test Cyp pin twice a week
    Winnie 50mg pinned EOD ( thoughts, I've read to pin ED and Eod)
    Anavar 10mg oral ( might lower either var or win, read that you should have one lower then the other because they are so similar)
    Nova. (On hand if needed)

    So i want crazy and just bought a bunch of shit deca , tren , test 400 blend, equipose and will be for future use. This is to cut and burn that fat! I read that equipose with winnie is suggested? would u guys add the equipose or leave as is?

    For PCT well nothing, just going back to a normal dose of my TRT... take a criticism, suggestions, ideas. Here to learn.

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    Keep it simple. First cycle should be just test. 4-500 per week is just fine. Forget the var and winnie this time as you need to learn what that amount of test will do both to and for you before you add in other compounds.

    Take the time and read the Successful First Cycle thread at the top of this forum.

    Welcome to the forum.
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    Thank you sir, I will take that advice, i haven't done any high doses of test for a while. When i did a little extra, it did test my mood.

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    I would run it longer than 5 weeks, at least 10 weeks

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    Run your Test Cyp for 12 weeks and also run an AI and HCG .

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