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Thread: Workout split while on cycle

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    Workout split while on cycle

    Hey guys,

    Whats your workout splits while on cycle?

    Rep range, sets, sets per week for each muscle group?

    Let me know,


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    Same as off cycle.

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    As a normal human my body requires more rest so I only do things once a week each body part that is but when Iím superhuman on AAS And I can feel it my recovery time is there and I do everything twice a week I pretty much do 8 to 12 reps when Iím doing it once a week and 10 to 15 when Iím doing everything twice a week.

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    When I'm not prepping for a show I run 6 workouts a week @ 90min/workout. 10 weeks out I run 2 a days, small muscle in the AM major muscle in the PM. 6 weeks out, I run 2 a days and do fasted cardio in the AM and the major muscle group in the PM. During 2 a days I run 45min in the AM and 60mins in the PM.
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