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    Overweight - Test E + Anavar cycle?

    Hey guys,

    Thinking about a 10 week test e cycle at 350/wk.

    Week 7 var at 25/day

    Weeks 8-10 var at 50/day.

    Arimidex on hand.

    6'1, 270, 30+% bf, late 20s.

    Suggestions? Do you think this is dangerous given my bf?

    Trying to get some mojo back - no motivation or energy. Let me know your thoughts.

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    Are your BF that high that you notice it during daily activity?

    And yes, high BF can mean more sides.
    It’s recommended to lose BF before you go on cycle.
    More BF means higher conversion to estrogen and it’s also more unhealthy when lipids go out of whack.

    But how much more dangerous it is, that’s up for debate.

    Another thing is that while AAS might increase fat burning quite noticeable, it’s in no way a guarantee to lose fat.
    They often stimulate appetite as well,
    and that’s another thing;
    You want to use the AAS for what they’re best at; grow muscle mass.
    This in turn will make your metabolism higher overall.
    This can be difficult (but not impossible) if you’re also trying to lose weight.

    I have a friend who does use AAS to both lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
    It must be stressed that his main focus is gaining muscle, but with the amount of training he does he also lose BF.
    He’s had quite the gut, but I doubt he’s over 30% really.

    Anyway, what you wanna do first regardless of what;
    Is start a training and diet regimen where you begin to lose fat.
    This is pretty crucial as you can’t expect the AAS to do that for you.
    They work when the other stuff works.

    But if you want to jump the gun,
    starting with AAS before all BF is lost is up to you, but don’t start AAS until the platform you want to use is built;
    That is diet and excersize program must be in order and implemented,
    so that when you add in AAS you just make things that already happen happen quicker.
    It’s also quite important as when you come off the AAS you want to continue losing BF. (And keep as much muscle as possible)

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