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    Running Anavar while i wait for Test Cycle Question..

    So i just finished 500mg of test e a week with 50mg of winstrol . Cycle was 12 weeks long with a 7 week period of the winstrol. My questioin is once PCT is finished and im in my waiting period for my levels. Can i run a low dose of anavar to help cut for summer while im waiting?

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    Wouldn't be recommended, it'll suppress your Test production.......

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    Don't bother. Not only will a low dose of anavar be boringly useless IMO, it will also suppress your own test production and skew lipids a bit. Take a bit to recover, you just did a cycle. Now, if you couldn't cut on 12 weeks of test and 7 weeks of winny.... diet forum time.

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    As others have said, if you use AAS in a low dose as a bridge, it will in practice end up suppressing you.
    While theoretically a low dose of anavar shouldn’t suppress you very much, you have to remember that it’s different when you start out being 100% supeessed.
    If you just used anavar in a low dose,
    (Without running a suppressive cycle first) then that might actually have some merit,
    but running it after a cycle will just get you in trouble.
    You need that surge in LH and FSH post cycle to really recover IMO.

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    Let your body recover. Anavar is not that effective as an anabolic and still suppressive. Not to mention its price, though

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