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    Ileostomy and Ulcerative Colitis, Steroid Questions

    Hi guys im Daniel, Currently 19, 5"8, 145lbs and like 8% BF.

    Have been working out for 4 years but due to a chronic illnes (Ulcerative Colitis) ive never made any progress / kept having to restart in-between flairs until i had surgery (removal of colon) in may 2017. Starting working August 2017 and continue to this day but i have another surgery coming up in May and then my last and final one 8-12 weeks after the one in may. I currently go to the gym 6-7 times a week im extremely motivated and work my ass off + 10, but after the surgery im sure to lose all the gains without being able to properly workout for 6 months. I just had a thought about trying a steroid that will help me gain everything back when ill be able to workout again, ill be 20 by then. Just asking for your opinion, what steroid to do (going to the gym is a hobby definitely not my entire life) My ideal body that i want to reach is probably like Grego Gallagher or Zac Efron in baywatch (i know it sounds stupid but thats my ideal body)

    Any general info, tips and suggestions is super appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear about your illness. You should give yourself time to recover fully from your surgery. The average male brain doesn't fully develop until mid 20's. That's why we tell guys not to start on steroids until age 25. Your brain controls the production and release of a lot of different hormones necessary for the optimal operation of your body. One of them is HGH and with HGH comes IGF-1. This is the stuff that makes NEW muscle tissues. Steroids just takes existing muscle tissue and optimizes them. If you take steroids at your age there's a good chance you're going to disrupt your natural production of HGH and other muscle building hormones. I know it's terribly frustrating to lose all your gains. I've endured multiple surgeries so I empathize with you. You need to know that trading quick gains for future health is not a equitable. Be patient and go natural until 25 and you'll have a much better cycle experience. Good luck

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