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    If you aint cheat'n you aint try'n

    So about a year ago I set out on this journey to juice. I have noticed some parallels to went I went into business. Mainly this "elitist" attitude I see in many other forums, certainly not as bad here thanks for that. I'm sure your all mostly aware of Gimoli (ISARMS) or whatever the hell his name is. This doosh, I emailed him a few questions and he replied to me quite nicely and said put it on the board, so I did. This fool waited till I created an account, intro'd myself and posted in the Q&A board and publicly blasted me...LOL.
    Anyways its been a fun ride, full of finding creative ways to frame my questions so as not to offend the vets. Actually let me rephrase, I've found the true vets to be more forthcoming. Mostly the newer meat heads chiming in with negative crap basically admonishing me for steppin my foot in this door when I'm not "ready".
    In a constructive manor I do appreciate most of it. I've read and read and admire the fact most of the opinions are same surrounding youth and easing into it with test only etc. and I've learned most of what I know from these forums. I do find it a little "calling the kettle black" when dudes get all hussy about someone getting into it. I dont find myself fat, and I've been banged the fu^& up about being 17% body fat lol. I have a belly thats that, and I'm trying to get rid of it and find my energy again. I feel like the fat girl on the runway... I work I dont work out, I can swing an ax 3 hours straight, and running a shovel is good exercise, and I'm not looking to get big. I think this is very common and I've read hundreds of threads stating the same thing. I've also seen these dudes get blasted! Its as simple as I'm getting older and I dont want to be a Toby Kieth song. This is why I have been doing research to find something to put a little spring back in my step.
    like the title sais "if ya aint cheatin ya aint tryin". My buddy told me a year ago when I went to his house and he was flipping a 600lb tractor tire across the yard "H G H is the fountain of youth". Thus began my journey. I lost track of him but not the sense of what I might be missing. I'm 44 years old and I feel like I left it all in the ring! I raced motox when I was young Moved into DH mountainbiking then to rock climbing. I joined the Army and straight to Special Forces. I did adventure racing throughout the years of 1999-2007 ish. I know what it feels like to be in shape and have energy and I know what I feel like now. Sure I'm not in as good shape as I was but this is different, I've been in bad shape from lethargy. After surgeries and in times where my work load was such I couldn't do much else. I refuse to believe I cant cheat this...If your doing stuff your cheating! and I'm ok with it, I condone it but don't call me an Ahole for trying to do it too...
    If this doesnt get me kicked thanks fer listenin and I'm eager to get to a 100 posts so I dont loose a couple hundred bucks or pin herpies LMAO.

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    17% body fat isn't too bad. I normally walk around at about 12% to 14%. We all want to look good but we need a quality of life too. If you're experiencing belly fat and lethargy, you might want to check with your doc about getting a full spectrum hormone test. You may be a candidate for TRT. If that's the case, give yourself about 6 months to stabilize your Test level before you start looking into cycling steroids .

    In the mean time get a good diet worked up and start hitting the gym. Gym, diet, and TRT can make a world of difference to your sense of well being as well as your body image.

    Take it slow and one step at a time. When you get into cycling AAS you could be in it for the long term so it behooves you to set a strong baseline before you start. Good luck

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    Yes sir! thats great advice. I am taking it slow and being very careful. 44 is not that old so I dont want to get into something that will likely set me back. I dont want to do 4 months get ripped, take the selfie then turn into a pile of goo...seen it.

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    I totally agree with Scotch here.
    TRT might well be what you’re looking for, even if you’re not THAT low on test. This is more sustainable and will give make you feel young again. (Unless you got normal to high normal T values allready)

    Once you’ve been on TRT for some time, and come into a training schedule, etc, that’s when I’d look into juicing; If you even want it at that point.

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    Step one is solid blood work. Visit the HRT Forum and take a look at the first set of BW in the Finding A Doc Sticky thread at the top of the forum. Try and get it if you can.
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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