Hey guys,

I just wanted to check in on pct related to the cycle Iím gonna start. Iíve cycled a fair bit in the past but itís been a while. Iím 5í6Ē currently 186, Iím deifintly in the 10-12bf%, 32yo.

Current plan:
Week 1: test E 1000mg front load; tren E 200mg; Var 100mg ed
Week 2-10: test E 500mg; tren E 200mg; 100mg var ed
Week 1-10; adex .5 eod adjust as needed

Just looking into suggested Pct. due to availability and knowledge I hadnít historically ran super conprehensive pct but I also never had a recoupe problem... not once (I also have never cycled longer that 10wk with or taken less than a 6-12month break).

I havenít run tren in a very long time and Iím starting at an obviously lower dose for two reasons 1) Iím using E for less injections - so Iíd rather ease into it. 2) the history around tren shows we donít nessesarily need the monster doses taken today.

As far as pct goes just wondering about HCG (which Iíve never utilized) along with the other general compounds. Without asking and from my history without advise Iíd probably just go with the clomid/nolva at 100/100/50/50 40/40/20/20
Any advise would be appreciated