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    Angry Not Seeing Any Gains Help ???????

    First of all, I am 21, I have been working out for last six years naturally.
    I am six feet tall, 250lbs.

    Diet is 400 plus grams of protein
    5000 plus calories
    600 grams of carbs
    130-160 grams of fat

    Best lifts are 315 bench press
    475 squat and dead lift.

    Now I have started a test only cycle at 500mg a week for 12 weeks. i have currently finished week 3. The test i am taking is Testoviron Depot from spain. its the brown coloured amps with blue writing. I trust my source as he is one of the main dealers at Golds Gym where i train. And he is always around if i need anything.

    Question is, i have not yet seen any real weight gain, no bloating, no boner popping action, only sides i have are a bit of zits on my back and skin is a little bit oily.

    Now a friend of mine is taking the same stuff, and he's been juicing for years, and says he can tell very fast if its kicking in from pervious cycle and he's on week six, he's also not seen major effects. Could our shit be bunk, if so is it totally bunk, or just totally underdosed.

    Also how can one tell. They look real and each cc is actually 1.2cc's.

    i was thinking of switching over to karachi sustanon and doing 12 weeks over again. this is bull shit.


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    It could be bunk there is no way for us to know unless you post a pic but three weeks isn't long enough for you to tell. If your friend hasn't seen anything in six weeks I would probably be a little wary.

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    I will post the pictures in a few hours.

    i will post the pictures in a few hours.


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