Requesting advice, insight, and/or constructive criticism on running a Test C, Primo, and Anavar stack/cycle.


47 Year old male.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lb
BF: Fluctuates between 14% - 17%


- To keep or gain lean muscle.
- To raise strength on a slow & steady climb with keepable (to a reasonable degree) gains.
- Lose body fat.


- Macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) 50/30/20
- Caloric intake is about 2300 give or take 250.
- I'm fortunate to be able to eat clean with whole grains such as barley, brown rice, sweet potato's. I also eat fresh fruit & veggies (I love my vitamix and pressure cooker), grass fed beef/organic chicken, fish.


- I workout Monday thru Friday and occasionally include a Saturday or Sunday workout, for a total of 5, sometimes 6 times a week.
- Free weights, selective machine exercises, cardio, and 2 HIT sessions weekly.


- I recently completed my 1st cycle with Test C only. This was a 12 week cycle which was pinned twice weekly with a loving dose of 600mg.
- 4 week PCT with ingredients listed below.
- I've had 17 weeks off (I'm ready for my 2nd cycle)
- Absolutely no side affects with anything used in my cycle (Clomid, Tamoxifin, Aromasin , and HCG ).
- I gained 9 pounds of lean muscle as well as 7 pounds of fat. This brought my BF to the highest I can remember at 20%. I'm back down to my hovering weight of 15% - 17%


- Blood was checked pre, mid, and post.
- The only tweak was raising my aromasin from 12.5mg EOD to 12,5mg ED to knock down estrogen levels that went from 28 on pre cycle to 54 at mid cycle.

- Unable to lose belly fat and love handles. Please keep in mind that I'm almost 48.
- I fight to just maintain the stats I have.
- The reality that even with a caloric deficit you still may not lose fat (even when reducing caloric intake to 1800 daily for months on end). Coping with possible genetic disposition and/or metabolism slowing to the point that doesn't release fat (remember, I'm up there in age and everything becomes harder, I'm not in my 20's or 30's).


- These are the ingredients in my cupboard.


- Clomid
- Tamoxifen
- Aromasin
- I even got B12 to boot (not cycle related, I know)


- This cycle will be 14 weeks due to the Primo.

Although my stated goals will undoubtedly be different than others, I'm hoping that some of the experienced folks in the forum would be kind enough to lay out a complete cycle given my stated goals, age, and dedication to achieving a lean hard body. I have no interest in competing in any bodybuilding contest, I just want to look fabulas.

Thanks in advance to anyone reading this even if you choose not to contribute your advice.
The new guy Wey.