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    Pct advice needed after 6 weeks testp/npp/tbol cycle

    Hello guys ,i currently running 150 test p ,100 npp eod and tbol 60 mg for last 4 weeks.My question is when should i start my pct?after 3 days or wait 5 days till npp clears out? And would 2-3weeks pct of clomid/nolva be enough or i should make it 4weeks because of npp?thanks,and looking forward for your answers

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    2-3 weeks? minimum 4 weeks, but better 6 weeks.

    You need all the help you can get with nandrolone .

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    Wait 5 days after your last shot then 4 weeks PCT then get bloods 6 weeks after to see where your Total and free testosterone is at.

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