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    Need advise on this blood test result


    My buddy that I workout with just got his blood test results after week 9 of 12 of a Test E only cycle (his 1st cycle ever). He and I are the same age (47) and have been working out together for the past 2 years. Needless to say, he was impressed with the results I had with my 12 week Test C only cycle. I finished my cycle 18 weeks ago and will be starting my 2nd cycle in days.

    My bud is paranoid of pretty much everything, including FaceBook, smart phones, earbuds, rental cars with GPS, you name it and he's got conspiracy theories about it. its astounding that he built up enough courage to pin twice weekly.

    I had my blood done on pre, mid, and post but my numbers never looked like this. He knows that I don't have the experience to advise him on if the numbers are ok.

    I did tell him to up his Aromasin to 25mg daily but I'm not even sure about that.

    He's 47
    192 lbs
    currently at 20% Body fat (started the cycle at 17%).
    We meet at the gym and do free weights, steady state cardio, HIT (twice a week), some isolation machines too. Basically a solid workout.
    By all appearances he looks great for a 47 year old.

    Can I please get feedback on his numbers. His blood sugar level was on the high end because he literally had a piece of birthday cake just prior to the test. He's since checked that daily and it's always normal.
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