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    Zocor, Lipitor, High cholesterol

    Hey whats up? I was wondering if anyone else on this board has high cholesterol? If soo do you take medication such as zocor, lipitor, etc. to regulate your cholesterol levels and if soo how are you doing with it? Just wanted to know if anyone out there has the same problem as me.

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    Yup I am on lipitor. 40mg a day. It runs in my family, ( I am only 26), and have had cholest. in the high 300's since I first had it tested at like age 10. My gma has it, mom, sisters, ect,ect. The funny thing is, my Gma went on a speacial hospital diet, that is all she ate, no cheating, and her levels did not drop. Hers are in the 600's and moms are in the high 400's....that is WITH MEDICINE.

    So when I got put on lipitor about a year ago, my doctor started me on 20mg a day. No dice, upped it to 30, no dice, in the mean time I had started to diet/exercise. I put off having it tested for about 6 months just becuase I was so busy. All the time diet and doing cardio like crazy. Not doing this to try and get cholest. levels down, just doing it to get in shape. I droped about 10 percent body fat and had cut out almost all sat fat and junk food from my diet, quit drinking,...(for the most part) pretty much made a complete lifestyle change. Well, when I finnally did go back to have it tested my levels had droped to low normal. UNBELIEVABLE. I couldn't believe it. My gmas Lipid doctor had tried everything with here and my mom and I was supposed to be no different. Well, when I am done bulking and start cutting up I am going to ask my doc to cut my dosage in half and see just how much of this is meds and how much is my "new way of life".

    The only thing I have done that mom and gma have not is cardio like a mofo. I have realized that cardio is like crack for me. If I don't have it I am just not right.

    Anyways, I see that I have rambled on forever so I will stop. Got any more questions let me know, and I'll try and be short and to the point.

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