Okay so firstly

Yes i have exp with tren test drol etc.. also i did slin more than few times.

But never did keto on tren cycle. What are your experiences guys?

Do you carb up on keto like every 6/7 days for 12-36hours. I will certainly be carbing up. So should i use insulin on that carb up day?

What should i mostly carb up with? Complex carbs and dextrose?

Should i expect any muscle gain from This keto diet (CKT)? I mean, i need to have at least 65% fat in my diet so there is not much room for protein.

Also i will probably put in some cardio 30-45mins in the morning on empty stomach. What do you think of that?

Never done keto so i am asking.

I am already in cycle for 2.5 weeks. All good for now.

Thanks a lot

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