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Thread: Fake Gear?

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    Exclamation Fake Gear?

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently running a test E (950MG) and Tren E (700 MG) per week cycle. I am currently entering my 6th week and i do have some strength gains but almost no physical /noticable difference.

    The brand is bioniche pharma, and it was sealed and wrapped all professionally, however due to my low gains by week 6, i was wondering if this gear is bunk? It looks exactly like this
    I'm only halfway in my cycle but i thought i should notice some major changes, especially if this is my second cycle (first was just test prop). Is it possible that the gear is real but my body is just rejecting it?

    Please help guys

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    I have heard good things about bioniche pharma from a friend although the problem with many of these brands is they're counterfeited due to their popularity and supposed verifiability through professional packaging...

    Personally enanthate /cypionate kicks in at week 5.5-6 with some strength gains and physique changes a little later.

    Your dosage is humongous you should do bloods to check for things mate, hope some vet chims in here with info, there are threads about tren usage too.

    Good luck and keep us updated

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    Fucking crazy Aussies. Wow 22 years old and a first cycle of over 1.5g of gear?

    You’d better hope it’s fake.
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    ^^ What cousin said!


    In my experience with Tren E @ 800mg, 3 weeks i feel it. 5 weeks night sweats, shit sleep and I am a borderline rapist. 8 weeks full blown gym destruction and in need of anger management.

    Sounds like you gear could be under dosed..

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    Yeah right, early 20's and already on gear. My son is 17 and hits the gym 4 to 5 days a week, he has a really thin build but his natural gains put this 50 plus year old to shame.

    Quote Originally Posted by Back In Black View Post
    Fucking crazy Aussies. Wow years old and a first cycle of over 1.5g of gear?

    You’d better hope it’s fake.
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    with those doses you should see a difference by the 3rd week. and feel a difference for sure in 3rd week

    are you getting any sides?

    if not that's bunk.

    I can instantly feel 1000mg of test in the first week. you might not see gains or strength, but you should definitely feel something going on in your body with 1000mg of test.
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    Yeah man you can tell in the lack of sides alone that it's either bunk or severely under dosed.

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