Hello boys and girls.
Quick introduction

Im 23 years old. Been working out pretty well for 2-3 years (do love food though)
Im doing 250 mg of test e 2 times a week for 12 weeks.

Now heres the thing.
Im fat... im 28% bodyfat. I’ve always been a pretty man. Not too fat, but i had 4-5 months of depression, where i went from 83kgs to 97kgs. I started my cycle, and kinda cutted at the same time (1800 kcal. didnt hold it too well, but still not eating like a crazy man) now ofcourse it was lots of protein and working out for 1-2 hours 5-6 times a week. I got a fair bit of muscle anyway, no doubt. Om strong and i can feel im tight. But there is so much fat.. (im done in 3 weeks). I gained 6kgs. I possibly lost fat, gained muscle and water weight. Heres the thing

I’ve got an upcoming event in about 1 month and i really wanna look good.
If i workout and do lots og cardio, can i look good or get to 20%bf in one month? I do lots of cardio (icehockey and sports bike). When my cycle is done, how much water will i lose? Can i ridd the fat easier since i got alot of muscle?... i know it sounds dumb, but what are ur experiences? Can i look great i one month?
Also i have some clenbuterol on hand