Okaay, hello there everybody, this is my first thread and the main reason i registered to the website...

I've decided to go for my first ever AAS cycle with a friend of mine, and i've ofc wanted to make sure its as close to perfect as possible.

So i've obviously been reading around the internet for suggestions and so on, and it has led to the following plan for the cycle.

First some stats on me:

Age: 22 years
height: 184cm -> approx 6 feet 0.5 inch.
weight now 77.5kg
bf approx 10%
weight at start of cycle approx 74kg
bf at start <10%.
Years of weight training: 7 years.
more serious weight training: 4 years.

I can post 1rm if suggested.

Goals: I wanna get bigger, gain lean body mass, i like to set my goals high because you learn more from failures.
8kg lean mass
-1kg fat

The cycle:

12 week TEST E only

week 1-12 500mg test E a week 250g injected twice a week(monday - friday)
week 1-12 Anastrozole every other day 0.5g
PCT starting at week 14, going for 250mg clomid + 60mg nolvadex on day 1
following 10 days 100mg clomid + 40mg nolvadex
next 10 days 50mg clomid + 20mg nolvadex
thinking of using creatine starting with pct as well.

Questions: How does the cycle sound for a first timer? what did i miss, what can be improved?

At this point, with a weight of 77.5kg my daily caloric intake for not gaining weight with my daily activity is around 2600 calories a day. at 74 it should be lower, im thinking around 2400 or 2500 since i am gonna use some more time in gym.

So im thinking at least 4000 calories, with atleast 2lb protein pr pound of bodyweight spread over 6 or 7 meals.

Supplements: Multivitamin, fish oil, maca root, ginseng, magnesium & zinc, aloevera.

Questions: Is it enough? i've read that for a normal bulk you could go for +500 calories, but when on steroids you should probably go for +1500 calories or thereabouts.


Right now i like going to the gym once a day, even twice if i have the time and it fits the routine.

So i really wanna stick to at least training once a day as well when on the cycle.

Since the cycle is over a period of 3 months, i was thinking of mixing up my routine after approx 1.5 months, just to get some variation in the gainz & the strength.

I haven't fully decided exactly which exercises to go for yet, but im thinking of going with these muscle groups.

day 1: chest triceps & abs
day 2: back & biceps
day 3: legs & shoulders
day 4: arms
day 5: cardio & abs
day 6: chest & shoulders
day 7: back & legs

Questions: I really enjoy going to the gym, and really enjoy lifting heavy weights. The biggest of my questions here is, that im going for back on day 7, and then again hitting back and biceps with only 1 day of rest? I know recovering while on test E should be improved, but how much?

I know it was a large thread, thank you for reading i appreciate it. I just want to get it right, the first time so i'm looking forward for your comments.

Anything i left out or you find missing, please say so!

Have a great day:-)