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    Gyno Surgery Questions

    I am based in the UK before I start just so the rest of this post makes sense.

    I did a few cycles when I was younger and as people said at the time dont but I did and now I regret it a little. It been over two years since the last jabs, I did nolva at the time for PCT but no letro. I got a bit of gyno. You can feel the glands around the nipple and there is some fat. Sometimes the get puffy but nothing major.

    I have slight gyno enough to notice through a semi tight t-shirt but probably not enough to get an OP done on the NHS. There is no real on going pain, only if I leave gym for a while and then get back into it. The first few chest workouts lead to Nipple pain and swelling, but then after like a month that stops.

    I have few questions for people that have had surgery in Europe overall.

    1) Where did you have it, i think its around 9k in the UK if you have to have it private but there are place in Europe which do it cheaper, any experiences with those
    2) At what level do you thing surgery would be advisable? As long as I wear loose shirts/t-shirts its not a problem, but a compression top would be a problem.
    3) What happens during surgery?
    4) Is it something that you need someone else with you, or could you go get it done in a day and come back?
    5) How long does it take to heal and what are the results after.

    Overall its not bad gyno, if I stay committed to the gym, then just training chest is enough to improve not correct my chest.

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    Sorry, maybe there are not enough people who have had gyno surgery in Europe to answer your question?

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    Well first off let me ask you, approx where is your body fat % ?

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