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    Trt to mini cutting cycle. Thoughts?

    Hey fellas.

    So Ive been lurking and learning. And I appreciate all of you who contribute
    Im want run a cutting cycle thru the summer.

    About me. 46 yrs old.
    On TRT since Jan.
    Was 22 BF. Now 14percent
    Dropped 16lbs of fat and added 10lbs of muscle.
    Feel great. At 224lbs.

    Trt has been
    200mg / Week of test cyp
    plus 100 /week of deca .
    .HCG trouch x2 week.
    Arimidex .25 every 3 days
    Dose and gear from all from the DR's script
    Deca runs out in 4 weeks.
    We run blood labs next week so as to titrate.

    Im going to guess that the deca goes away and the test will be reduced.

    After that happens i want to see how well I can cut with diet and this cycle:

    200/ week of Test C
    200/week of Mast C
    200/ week of EQ.
    Each Pinned half dose twice a week

    Hcg continues 2x week trouch or will get injectible And do 250ius x2 week.

    .5 arimidex x2 week on days I pin.

    Otc DIMS twice a day.

    5g of VitC
    Tons of fish oils
    B6 B12, magnesium, iron, multi vites,
    Tons of BCAAs Glutamine etc

    Cialis 5mgs daily, (10 when I want an all day boner for the wife.)

    I wont pct as Ill resume trt at the end of this cutting cycle.

    Other gear i have in stock but not running this cycle includes
    Test Prop 100
    TPP NPP 100 combo

    I look forward to your constructive critique and suggestions.


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    Not knowledgable enough answer your questions but I have to say I'm very impressed by your numbers. At 46 dropping 8 percent BF is amazing and only 4 months to. What is your diet like, work out like and why did the doctor prescribe deca , do you have osteoporosis or something? From what I've read and heard there is no reason to PCT if you are going back to normal TRT dosage, I think the term is called blasting and cruising but I'm sure someone can correct me. Anyways good luck and congrats on the improvement

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    Hi thanks. Paleo based approach. Keeping carbs to almost exclusively on to pre and post workout meals.
    Cardio in the AM fasted or sometimes with just coffee, coconut oil and some ketosalts.
    Strength workouts have been 5 to 6 days a week on top od the near dailycardio

    Deca was added because she had it "on the menu". I asked for it since Inhave had 2 neck surgeries and constantly battle joint pain as a result.

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    Is this in the wrong subforum?
    Should this be in the trt section?

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