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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    this is my first cycle and first time going to the gym but i'm pretty lean i mean you can see my abs and my coach said to go on this cycle for football

    Tren A75mg ED
    Test E 500mgweek
    Masteron 750 week

    my diet mostly consists of oats and chicken and ill have a mcdonald's everyday after school as well so i'm bulking!

    i've got my gear ready i just need PCT stuff but i don't know what it is??

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    also do i need an ai?

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    Before you get started on your cycle go kick your coach right in the nards! You're 18 and it's your first cycle and your coach is telling you to run Tren & Mast along with Test? Don't do it. Read the post below.
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    What the fuck... I'm 18 too and hope this is a troll thread, tren on your first cycle? First time going to the gym? Lol.... At least if ur gonna do it such a young age like me, have experience and a base first, and certainly don't touch TREN. I'm here shitting myself whether or not I'll recover from deca , and you wanna hop on tren, oh god pls don't.

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    Ha ha, he is a troll guys. Ignore him
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