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    Quick bulking cycle.

    I just finished a comp and I am taking 2 weeks off. I have another one in10 weeks which means I will have 9 weeks in total to bulk and cut. I originally was planning on 4 week bulk with NPP however i cannot get the NPP in time. I wanted a lean bulk for 4 weeks and 5 weeks cutting.
    Maybe an anadrol tren four the 4 weeks and then tren, mast, winnie for the cut? I have never used tren for bulking and I am. Deca guy for bulking. I would like to hear options since My plan I layed out at the beginning of the year has gone to shit.
    I always go and pick up my gear and do not order by mail. NPP has proven to be a bitch to get.

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    Sounds good to me, can take advantage of the rebound with the added drugs/food, and catch up with yourself again on the last 4 weeks. Tren sounds good, tren will help with nutrient partitioning and will help maintain your bf level with the added food, not sure about the anadrol though, i would have thought after 4 weeks you would have gained some size from the drol but once you cut it just piss it all out as you'll be jumping straight into a deficit.

    Personally, i dont think you have enough time to make a BIG noticeable gain in size without possibly sacrificing your conditioning, but can for sure grow into your next show by a good few lbs. I would go tren, mast and test throughout and just adjust the food.. first 4 weeks surplus, last 4 weeks back into the cutting phase.
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    Also, You look great! I wouldn't let myself get torn up with worry.

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    This is funny...
    I keep looking back at old pics at how wet deca and npp made me look. I honestly wonder If I hadnt put on more mass with npp than tren .

    I know the tren cycles are much cleaner with less water retention but my next plan is an 8 week HEAVY npp cycle. Not sure what else I will add.

    I am dehydrated and just got done eating with slin but I stretched in the mirror and saw veins trough my abs... Not too sure about this tren adrol stuff...

    I didnt meant to lean out until I was a lot heavier, like 245.
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    Your body will react better to another cycle if you give it some time for your receptors to reset. You can also run a cycle of different compounds than your last cycle. If I had 10 weeks to prep for the next show I would give myself 2 or 3 weeks of "rest" and change my eating to 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fats. This will "plump" your body right back up from the water loss and carb deficit for your show prep. I would eat this way for 4 or 5 weeks to put back as much weight as you can. You're going to eat clean (high glycemic index) carbs so you're not going to gain too much fat. You should gain back 10lbs or so. Then for the last 4 to 5 weeks I would carb cycle.

    As for the gear, I would run 300mg/wk Test Prop + 300mg/wk Tren + 400mg/wk Mast for 8 weeks. The gear will allow your body to put on lean muscle and your diet will provide the proper nutrients. Go kick some butt.

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