Age: 26
Weight: 85kg
Height: 5'10
Lifting Since: 17


3 Cycles:

Test E & Dbol (Age 20)
Test E + Anavar + Primobolan (Age 22)
Test E + Anavar + EQ (Age 23)

I vowed I was done with steroids after starting at a stupidly young age, but I am considering jumping on a cycle to make some steady gains, along with supporting recovery following the end of a tough rugby season.

Having spoken to a few other 'athletes', I have been advised the following is good for making some modest gains while also supporting collagen synthesis:


Week 1-16: Test E - 250mg EW
Week 1-16: EQ - 600mg EW
Week 1-4: Dbol - 40mg ED
Week 1-16: Aromasin - 12.5mg EOD


Week 1-2: Liquid Clomid - 50mg ED
Week 3-4: Liquid Clomid - 25mg ED
Week 1-4: Ostarine - 25mg ED

My previous cycles have all been dosed for making maximum gains. The above cycle is tailored a bit differently to maximise the recovery rate of the body's connective tissues alongisde making gains, as I understand that running Test above 300mg actually inhibits callogen synthesis and can be worse in the long run?

Please share thoughts.

Thanks in advance...