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    Need to extend a cycle...

    I have been on a simple cycle of test e and dbol (first 5 weeks).

    Waiting for my PCT to come in, but I don't think it's going to be here before my last test injection is clear...

    I have access to some test c.

    I am wanting to extend the cycle with Cypionate until my PCT arrives. I obviously don't want my test to plummet without the gear to kick my natural production back up, go all catabolic, and lose the beautiful gains I've made...

    Question is... If I'm at 500mg of E every week, my last shot being today 6/3, where do I pick up with C, and at what dosage? How often? And once my PCT arrives (HCG & Nolvadex ) when do I start them in regards to the last injection of C?

    Hope I'm not too confusing. TIA!

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    Just use cyp as you would use enanthate , not really much difference.

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    If you notice there are no more gains coming then drop down to a normal TRT dose of ~100mg test E/C per week split in two shots. No need for an AI at that dose.

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