Hi everyone. I am new here, looking for advice:
I'm 20 years old, 5í6, 150-160 lbs. bw, 8-12 % bf, training just for athletic performance.
I try to both powerlift and trail run at the same time, so I kind of suck in both but it makes me have fun and be very athletic.
In my prep I basically switch between power and running focusing. Strength training is easy, no injuries so far, I can manage huge volume sessions (probably thanks to the endurance training) and good performance in general. On the other hand, running is super taxing on my legs, specially knees and ankles.
I just came out of a fast weight drop preparing for a powerlifting minor competition and in a couple of weeks I am going to start a 12-week program aiming to run my first 50K trail marathon.
Now here goes my question:
I know I am too young to use AAS and I donít intend to use them until I am older and know exactly what I am doing, but there's some heavy running volume coming these next months and I could really use some kind of boost to help recovering and stay away from injuries.
I read some articles and posts about SARMS , and they seem lighter than steroids . GW50 would be helpful but I don't really suffer from lack of endurance. What really takes me down is joint pain and bad muscular recovery, so what about MK677? Is it to early too?
Just for some context, I have been training consistently in the gym since I was 14, and I've been one and half years in strength/endurance. My diet has been on point ever since: prob less than 1 % processed foods, ~0,8-1g protein per pound and also, I am a vegan, so as long as I am natty it's not likely that my cholesterol rises (super low LDL and medium to top range HDL so far in my bw).
Anyways, if you think I am not there yet to even use SARMs, would there be something I can use that really helps with recovery? I was on 3ui's/day of HGH for a couple months like 6 months ago to recover from a knee/ankle injury and it was amazing for both healing-recovery and endurance.
Thanks in advance for the answers and sorry for my English mistakes (I'm still learning). I would really appreciate every advice.