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    What dose of M2t for no moles?

    last month i add 2ml of bac water and run 10u ed for 2 weeks.

    A lot of moles appears and really dark tan( i dont like it tbh) nd cut this for a month , now i want to take it again but i dont know what dosage should i run for a more natty tan and no moles. I was thinking about 5u eod instead of 10u ed.

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    hmm, are you talking about MT2 for tanning? You need to get glassware with that and move the 10 mg mixed with 10 ML of Bac water then take around 1 mg every couple of days.

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    If you take MT2 you are getting moles or freckles, no way around it.

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    MT2 makes my face a LOT darker than my body and it looks weird. It is what it is. I spray tan for shows. Try 1mg twice a week. Up the dose if you want to get darker.

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