I did my one and only cycle about 5 years ago now. I値l post the cycle and my results incase anyone was planning on doing something similar.

The cycle was a pretty simple one. 500mgs/week test e weeks 1-12
60mgs/day anavar weeks 1-4
Pinned the test e on Monday and Thursday 250mgs. All the gear was great quality stuff from Sun Pharma.

Before starting I brought myself down from about 220lbs to 200lbs with a strict diet, lite or cardio and ECA. I知 6 tall and was 34 or 35 at the time. I had lifted weights for 15 years prior. Anyway, I shot up to 217lbs within 4-6 weeks and gained some decent strength. That seemed to be the platue as I ended up around 220lbs by the end of the 12 weeks. I looked a lot bigger obviously but the muscles looked big and rounded with not a lot of definition. After the cycle and pct was complete I pretty much went right back down to the 200lb mark where I began. I maintained a bit more muscle mass and a lower body fat percentage than my pre cycle 200lbs so overall I suppose it was a win.

What I would do different. I知 planning another cycle, completely different than the last that I値l most likely start in the near future. First, the new cycle is put together a lot better than the last so that値l help. Second, I知 going to start the cycle in pretty decent shape. My avatar photo was taken a week ago and that痴 with some pretty minimal work so I値l step that up for a few months and really cut up before I start the cycle. Lastly, my goals have also changed in the last 5 years. I致e been anywhere from 230-175lb in my 20 years of weight lifting and I know my body feels best under the 200lb mark. So, ideally I壇 like to go from the 180lb. I am now and whatever body fat percentage you guys think I am in my avatar pic to 190lb and 2% body fat lower. If I could get close to that and maybe maintain 185-190lb with 2% less body fat than my pic I壇 be happy.

Anyway, that痴 my first cycle experience and some thoughts for a near future cycle that I値l probably start soon.

Thanks guys! Maybe someone will get something out of this!