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Thread: Over 45, awaiting labwork

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    Over 45, awaiting labwork


    I've been in weight training since I was 16. I've done bodybuilding contests and power meets. I did my first cycle when I was 35 and did 3 more after that. I have been out of the scene due to family matters and other issues, but I've been back into weight training for about 9 months now. Today, I'm 5'7, 175 ~ 12% BF (and over 45). When I jumped back into the weights 9 months ago I was 200 and I couldn't see my god damned abs. Anyway, after that scare/scar I'm working my way down to under 10% BF. I won't touch a cycle until I see my stomach carved and my body definition return. I'm guessing I'll be about 160 to 165 at that point. Yay for muscle memory.

    For your review: Pending labs. I had labs drawn last week. I am hoping that my test will be low enough to qualify me to TRT. Being close to 50, I think it's reasonable to presume my test will be lower and I should be able to get into TRT (any tips here to push this in my favor would be appreciated). If TRT is viable, I'll get started there and most likely add something like EQ or Deca (200 to 400/wk--this could change) once my levels are stable. I've been straight up with my doctor, telling him that I don't want to just give up on gaining and will find some way to continue my training gains. I stopped short of telling him I'm looking at cycles currently, but I'll at least hint this to him if TRT isn't in the cards.

    If TRT, I'll eventually add something at some later date, but with TRT going, what would be the best approach here?
    If no TRT I'm looking for a place to fill my needs. Most likely EQ or Deca and Test with HCG , Arimidex or Tamoxifen . All my contacts have left and I haven't met anyone I'm comfortable with. Online seems the way to go, and I have some ideas. If someone can point me in the right direction (safety of product and as safe as legally possible) I'd appreciate it. I'll continue my research and post my labs when they become available. At this point, I'm patient and still have a couple of months of training before I feel like I'm in the correct condition to start anything. I have a medical background and know PCT (including while on a cycle) and am familiar with most of the substances (I am also wise enough to know one never stops learning and things constantly change, usually for the better).

    Thoughts or suggestions?


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    If you need TRT then get thst done first. Later on if you're going to cycle, follow this guide

    Don't use any other compounds when you first get TRT, that will skew your bloods and very likely make your doctor take you off TRT. You'll have to wait until you have found a good protocol and then get yearly bloods only so you can cycle in-between.

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    Levels came back low. For some reason Prolactin was high. Getting set up on TRT. I'll have to see where things settle out first, then I'll work a cycle out. Possibly EQ or Deca . Guess I start reading the TRT forum and see what's suggested!

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    Start with 100mg/wk of Test Cyp and take blood at 6 weeks. That's your TRT baseline and you can adjust your dose from there. For TRT you want to be in the upper 1/3 of the "normal" zone. This is not a cycle. When you're on TRT you shouldn't need an AI or experience gyno. If you do the dose is too high. Once you're in homeostasis, you can run a cycle.

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    Define "levels came back low" please. What were they?
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