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    Diet help with Fina/Prop!

    Hey bro's! I need some serious suggestions here... I'm 5 weeks into an 8 week run of [email protected] ED/[email protected] EOD - and my diet is killing me!

    I did some research and didn't see too many reporting problems with serious food cravings with this cycle - but I'm having a really hard time with it. It wouldn't be that bad if I was just hungry, but I'm really craving sugar of all things! Dying for some soda, cereal, candy, snacks, etc.... can't seem to get enough of it.

    I know eating this shit is robbing me of valuable cutting gains on this cycle, but these cravings at night combined with night sweats and other sides - I find myself just eating a damn bowl of cereal so I can get 3-4 hours of sleep.

    Any thoughts? Any things I can try to get through this without fucking it all up and cheating left and right?


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    Its okay to eat some sweets but not alot. Try eating some whole wheat cereal and put splenda on it. Splenda helped me out alot. If you do eat sweets just do some extra cardio. At night I took melatonin and didn't wake up until morning so didn't have to worry about waking and eating. Hope taht helps a little

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    yeah, on fina right for the first time and i have the opposite feeling. I have no appetite whatsoever and i cant sleep. good idea with the splenda. Be creative and try to think of some good sweet, albeit lowcalore treats when it hits. Something like a chunk of some kick ass watermelon jello

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    Diet Soda and sugar-free ice pops for the sugar cravings.
    Tylenol pm's for the insomnia. A fatburner with ephrendrine may also help to cut the cravings.

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    I'm on a fina/prop/winny cycle right now and I use the tylenol pm for the sleep. the melatonin caused me to get bad joint pain after using it for a week. try some stacker 3's for the appetite thing and don't eat sweets for at least a week and the cravings usually die out completely. at least they did with me. and a good tip for buying the tylenol pm in bulk since the stuff gets costly is to buy the 500 count bottle from costco for around $11. its generic but it does work. I've had to use it sleep at night for over 4 years now. I don't drink any caffeine and I'm naturally wired anyway.

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